Friday, November 11, 2005

Random Thoughts

--Did you ever think you'd have to explain to a kid that a case of tissues should not be used as a step stool? True, a tissue box originates from wood, but it's now just flimsy cardboard that will be crushed when stepped on. And re-forming the tissue box shape in the middle of an allergy attack just so I can get the pop-up Kleenex to work properly just doesn't seem right.

--Did you ever think it would be necessary to get a flashlight, mash your head to the floor and look under every radiator cover in the house to find a) a lost library book or b) a Leapster video game? Which is what I found myself doing twice in one week. With a 50% recovery rate. I'm ready to check the deli drawer of the refrigerator for Cara's book....

--Catherine Schetting Salfino

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