Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Courtesy of Your Mom

We've been home from vacation for a week, and I realized it's been that long since I heard a "your mom" joke.

What's a "your mom" joke, you ask?  Your mom's a your mom joke.

You say, that makes no sense.  Your mom makes no sense.

You say, cut it out.  Your mom can cut it out.

Welcome to my vacation, where Ryan would deliver "your mom" bombs into exchanges between the rest of us, all the while distractedly tapping at whatever handheld game he couldn't pry himself from.   Although I'm guessing it made him feel like he was part of the conversation, it was kind of ridiculous considering I'M HIS MOM!

Cara: "Ewww, that guy back there was soo nasty looking."

Ryan: "Your mom's so nasty looking."

Me: "Right here, Ry.  I'm right here."

I asked him if he felt like his jokes weren't losing some of their comedic value, considering I'm 'the mom.'  He alleged they worked just as well.  He's 11, so it seemed unlikely that could actually be true.  Still, Cara and I decided to put the theory to the test.

Ryan: "How long before our food gets here?!  I'm hungry!"

Cara: "Your mom's hungry."

Ryan: "Not funny, Cara."

Me: "Your mom's not funny."

Ry: "STOP IT!!"

Actually, your mom jokes ARE pretty good....