Friday, September 03, 2010

It's Laughter We Remember....

When I think about our wedding day, the first thing I think about is how it was gloriously sunny the day before and the day after.

On our actual wedding day, it rained. It wasn't just overcast. It wasn't a romantic light sprinkling. Or a sun shower. No, this was a full-fledged, 10-hour, unmerciful, you-and-your-white-gown-are-so-screwed downpour. And someone needs to tell Alanis Morrisette there's nothing ironic about the situation. Rain on your wedding day just sucks.

The photos in our wedding album show me going into the limo wearing boat shoes. The dark and gloomy day translated into photos that looked like they were taken at 10 at night, not early afternoon.

People were really nice -- telling us that rain on the wedding day means "showers of good fortune." Okay. I'm still waiting for that. But there's still time. It's only been a couple decades or so.

Meanwhile, when Mike thinks about our wedding, he talks about that day's Jets game. He remembers the score, who got hurt, who had a good tackle.

Apparently, he casually went out to the bar, ordered up a Coke and just stayed there for a while, unbeknownst to his family, my family, our friends. THEY were all making good use of the open bar IN the ballroom. Which might explain why his extended absence went virtually unnoticed.

I was too busy circulating among the guests to eat or drink. And Mike kept to his Coke regimen. So you'd have thought we would have had more control over the party games.

Me & Mike (during wedding planning): "The deejay must not play Kool & The Gang's 'Celebration,' there will be no bouquet tossing and don't even think about the garter-throwing mess."

Cut to the reception: Party deejays in da house. We didn't realize we even hired PARTY DEEJAYS. We never heard of the term, but next thing we knew, one was spinning tunes while the other was stomping around with his portable mic, singing about how we all needed to celebrate and have a good time.

Mike: "Good lord."

When MC Get Down announced the bouquet and garter toss, I mouthed to Mike, "No WAY!"

But drunk people dig that stuff. They were all like, "WOOOOOO!" "YEAH!" "DO. THIS. THING!!!" We were definitely on a runaway train. It was so not a "Bridezillas" or "My Fair Wedding" deal.

This weekend, we mark the 22nd year since we exchanged marriage vows. A hurricane is also blowing up the coast. (I'm giddy thinking about all the good fortune that'll be showered upon me.)

The NFL kickoff usually goes hand-in-hand with our anniversary. But this year, pro football doesn't start until next week. I think I need to go remind Mike. Let's face it: no NFL + no Jets = no mental reminder of the awesome party that rocked our wedding day.