Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shoe, Shoe Be Do!

Okay, so I need new shoes for spring. Not just, "Gee, I'd like to have new shoes because it's spring." I really need new shoes because my footwear from last season is actually worn out. Plus, I don't have any 6-inch lobster claw platforms to wear to Costco.

Cara said she needed new shoes, too. But that's where the difference lies. Cara "needs" new shoes to go with the new outfits she bought last week. My "new" outfits are five years old, so we won't go there....

Anyway! We decided to shop together. A girls day out! And after about three hours of shopping at two mega shoe stores, I settled for one pair. Cara limited herself to five.

Here's how the shopping trip went. I walked the many aisles of DSW and Marshalls Shoe Shop and found nothing. Cara walked one aisle, and found something.

She walked the next aisle, and found something. Then she found the sandals. Then she found the sneakers. Then we went to the next store....

Me: "You're paying for at least one pair."

Cara, holding plaid sneakers, floral flats and I don't know what else: "It's your job to feed and clothe me."

Me: "Why do you always throw that in my face? You babysat last night. You can buy one pair -- if you REALLY want it."

Cara: "Or, you can buy them all for me if you REALLY love me."

This is why shoe shopping at Nordstrom is not happening.

As for my trouble buying something... I'm not saying I didn't like any of the shoes. Some I liked, but they didn't have my size. Others I liked, but I wanted a different color. The saddest was when they had a shoe I liked, in my size, in the color I wanted but my feet said, "NO FREAKIN' WAY!!"

And that's what made the trip so annoying. See, buying shoes is one of the last bastions of shopping happiness for women. Here's why: Jeans shopping is never a treat, unless maybe you're a size two. And you can double that dressing room trauma when buying a bathing suit. After bearing children, buying anything becomes frustrating when areas of your body that used to be okay are now "problem spots." And after age 40, we just want smoke and mirrors to come with every purchase.

But with shoes, you don't have to get undressed and feel bad if you put on a few pounds or didn't get to workout as much as you meant to; your shoe size remains the same. Shoes are supposed to be our low-maintenance friend.

I was ready to bail on the second store, but Cara put her well-shod foot down and said I couldn't leave empty-handed once again. So, I ended up with one idiotic pair of white eyelet shoes that I suspect will be stepped on or somehow made filthy within an hour of wearing them outside. So maybe I should make them an indoor slipper. Which I also need, but forgot about until just now.

At the end of the day, Cara used her own money to buy one and a half pairs. Another pair will be returned. Which means I only bought her two and a half pairs of shoes.

Wait, I think I have something to kick up my heels about!