Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Living Color

Sometimes I wonder about myself....

Like, why I waited until Cara -- who has zero time for ANYTHING anymore since she's actively playing the role of "stressed-out high school senior" -- why did I wait until she strangely had a few hours open last weekend to ask her if she'd like to come to a couple of stores with me.

"Which stores?"

And here's where I question myself.  In the interest of spending time with my daughter, I didn't weigh the true cost of inviting her "to a couple of stores."  I could have said anything: Staples and Lowe's.  I did need to go there.  That would have garnered a "What are YOU on?" look, she would have declined and I wouldn't currently be questioning my sanity.  But no.  I had to say, "Well, Harmon."

For those not in the know, Harmon Face Values is a beauty supply store.  Cara is a female.  Moving on!

At Harmon, the emphasis is on "values."  So whether it's nail polish, shampoo, lip gloss, hand lotion, hair clips, tweezers, flat irons, make-up brushes or make-up remover, it SHOULD be purchased because, hey, it's a value.  Says Cara, only half-kidding.

And when the place has roughly 4,000 colors of nail polish, grabbing six lousy bottles seems downright prudent.  At least Cara thought so.

Cara: "Hey, it's not like we're at Sephora."

Yeah, well, now that you put it like that.... really?!

Me: "Car, some of that has to go back."

Cara: "What?!  I don't have a fall color this dark. (She does.)  And this polish can go under this sparkly polish.  I didn't really like the nail pens I got last time. (Lucky me!)  And I don't know about the crackle polish..."

Ah, yes, the crackle polish.  I usually just let mine chip for a week to get the same effect.  But if you don't have the patience or don't want to invest that kind of time, you can buy products that will make your polish look like hell right away.


And that's just the tip of the iceberg... Crackle is just a gateway polish.  Next, females of all ages are dipping into nail glitter, nail lace and nail tattoos.

Just feet away from the polish, the fun continues with Katy Perry glam lashes, colorful mascara, and 47,000 shades of eye shadow, lip color, and foundations for every skin color under the sun but mine.

I saw a guy in the place with a female.  She was happily chatting away about someone at work while pulling out and putting back a dozen or so lip liners.  He looked like Cara and I must look when Ryan drags us into Game Stop: "Why am I here?!  It all looks the same!  Why can't I LEAVE!"

Meanwhile, Cara was informing me that she has declared this season all about plum.  And she had the requisite half-dozen items needed to achieve that lofty vision.

Me?  I actually went to Harmon for a manicure repair product -- because I had split my thumb nail nearly a week earlier but life intervened and I had to make do by covering the tear with a Band-Aid, which was doing wonders for my texting.  I can't even express how much the joy of using two digits to type a note on a small glass screen is enhanced with the addition of an ill-fitting plastic bandage.

So, yes, some nail glue and wrap was actually necessary.  Yet somehow, amidst the inundation of all that was plum, the product  negotiations and editing, the glue DIDN'T MAKE IT TO CHECK OUT?!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, what did I eventually scrounge up?  Krazy Glue.  ...Aptly.