Monday, September 26, 2011

Car Wars

When I got a new vehicle last February, it was after many months of consideration.

I compared price, mileage, horsepower, rear legroom, storage capacity, color choices, fabric.  I checked online, studied newspaper and magazine ads, and went from showroom to showroom for test drives.  I'd probably still be making up my mind, except Mike AND the kids came with me to the Honda dealership.  By the end of that day, the kids, Mike AND the sales woman wore me down, and I signed for a new CR-V.

When Mike's Volvo broke down last Tuesday, he went to Hackensack Toyota Wednesday and bought a new car.

Mike's Volvo was great.  And it was actually sad that we had to say good-bye to it.  But he'd just dumped $1,200 into it during the summer for upgrades and maintenance.  The idea of dropping $3,000 more on a 14-year-old car seemed asinine.

Speaking of which, I don't get how he buys a car in ONE DAY!  I work from home; he could have used my car while he took his time looking for a new one.  By no means was this a code red catastrophe!

Mike: "I'm going to Hackensack Toyota just to look around and see what they have.  I know the service manager there."

Me: "Why don't you look online.  And look at other cars, from other dealers, while you're at it."

Mike: "I know the service manager.  And anyway, I'm just looking."

Two hours later:

Mike, on the phone: "So they have a 2011 Camry here for a great deal because the 2012s are coming in any day now."

He tells me the price, which seems fine.  He tells me the mileage, which was cool.  Says the trunk is huge and there's plenty of legroom and cup holders and air bags, etc., etc..

Then he tells me it's red.

Me: "How red?"

Mike: "I don't know... red."

Me: "Mike, you're a man in your 40s.  You shouldn't be driving a red car.  It'll look like a male mid-life crisis. What other colors do they have?"
He named a strange-sounding green, a silver and the red.

Mike: "What's wrong with red?  I LIKE red.  It's going to be my car, so..."

Me: "It's a sports car color on a mid-size family sedan."

I let Cara in on the situation.

Cara: "It's RED red?? I'm not going in it!  WHY would he get RED?!"

Me: "I don't think he bought it yet.  He was just running the color by us."

Cara: "I swear to God, that color is SO stupid!  It's not even burgundy?  Why would he do this?!?"

We were quickly creating our own code red situation.

A hour later Mike came home to tell me he put $500 down on a car.  The red model.  The next day, he drove up in his new vehicle.  Cara took one look out the window and hid.

Mike: "Okay, who wants to go for a ride in the new car?!"

Cricket... cricket... cricket....

All I know is, when this house needs to be painted, he's not going anywhere near Sherwin Williams....