Thursday, April 28, 2011

My New Friend Craig...

I have written about my garage sales. God knows I've exhausted myself readying for them. And I've long-suffered listening to Mike mock me over the piddling amount of money I make for the effort involved.

Well, no more!! Because now I've used and profited from Craigslist,

That's right. The e-equivalent of the classified ads. Only free. And read by many.

Bonus: I SOLD a stove and dishwasher before Mike even had the chance to ridicule the fact that I'd posted them online.

Now, granted, I'm not getting rich doing this. I sold the stove, hood vent and dishwasher for $100. But I also sold one of my son's bikes for $50. And my daughter's bike for another $50.

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I've begun looking around the house anew. How much would someone pay for a microwave we keep in the basement? Ever since we renovated our kitchen, it only gets used when Cara wants to pop popcorn behind Ryan's back. That's gotta be worth $20. Although, there IS value in keeping the tell-tale signs of late night snacking from Ry....

Well, then: How about cross bars Mike bought for the Volvo's roof rack last summer? They were used for one (1) summer vacation and then I got my new vehicle--replete with dealer-installed crossbars and roofrack. They probably cost $250+. So... hmmm, I'll have to say I could get more than $50.
The beauty of Craigslist is I don't have to sit in the driveway all day. Or listen to an endless parade of cranky people whine that I don't have anything "good" left.

Me, pasting a smile on my face for the cranks: "Oh, well, I had some great stuff earlier.... "

Meanwhile, what I really want to say is: "If I had anything good, do you think I'd be wasting a beautiful, sunny day subjecting myself to idiotic inquisitions like this?! Don't ya think I'd be using all the 'good' stuff MYSELF?!"

But I don't. Because I'm really, really nice about not saying such things... to people's faces.

With Craigslist, it's all email. Someone asks if the thing is still available, when can they pick it up and bada bing, bada boom, done. AND they pay what I advertise. If I'd put the stove in a garage sale, I could MAYBE have priced it at $20, someone would've offered me $5 -- and then proceeded to tell me I needed to help get it in their truck.
If I'd balked, they would have been all, "Whaddyawant?! It's a GARAGE SALE! Get over yourself, sister!"

And to crib from Danny Glover... I'm too old for that #*@!

Hellooo, Craigslist.