Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Glee Effect

I'll admit it: I like "Glee." Not lovin' it, but not a hater.... I haven't grown entirely sick of the songs or the drama. And I don't like how some of the minor players were given bigger roles this season. But I'm okay with the show overall.

Apparently, Hollywood is TOTALLY digging "Glee." To the point where it's hatching all manner of song 'n dance routines in the unlikeliest of shows and situations.

I started watching "Drop Dead Diva" last summer. That's a far-out show where a song-and-dance routine popping up in a dream isn't out of left field, because the whole premise of the show is pretty out there: a girl dies in a car crash but is put back in someone else's body. Kind of like that Warren Beatty flick, "Heaven Can Wait."

But I was watching "House" some weeks ago, and out of nowhere, Hugh Laurie is in top hat and tails singing "Get Happy." There was an enormous stair entrance, fog, dancers. It was quite the spectacle. Of course, it was a dream or a drug induced dream or a drug trip. Point is, he was singing! And House doesn't sing!

I thought it was odd, but didn't really care. And then I was hit with the Grey's Anatomy extravaganza. There, I was treated to an hour-long musical variety hour. Doctors were savings lives while singing, "How to Save a Life," and "How We Operate," and "Chasing Cars." If you're a big ol' long-time fan of the show, you might have thought this was really amazing. All these people you thought were just actors can sing as well as your average "American Idol" finalist. Who knew?

But the bigger question might be: Who cares?! I just wanted to know if the critically injured Dr. Callie and her unborn baby were going to live or die. Never was the fast-forward button on the DVR more appreciated.

Tonight, after a short hiatus, Glee is back. I don't want to see Coldplay's wife warbling more songs while prancing around in teacher outfits that include skimpy skirts, leather pants or 6-inch heels. But I will welcome a show where the singing and dancing is part of the show.

I just hope next songfest won't involve Chris Noth slamming out a version of "Celebration" on the next episode of "The Good Wife." ...Hey, it could happen.