Saturday, September 18, 2004

Week 2--The fun continues

My husband generously described this blog as being written with "sharp and witty" comment. I'm not sure where that came from. Probably just another attempt to keep me a-smilin' while he's holed up with his NFL Sunday Ticket, the computer and the phone.

There's an outdoor arts and crafts show taking place at a park nearby Sunday. I may take the kids there. It's a good place to find unique arty and crafty things if you're looking for arty and crafty things for under, say, $1,000. Well, MOST are under $1,000. I don't think it's actually billed as an arts & crafts show. That makes it sound a little down market. I think it's got an "Art in the Park" type title. So people don't choke on their Coke when they see the $200 throw pillow.

I COULD just keep the kidlets happy with a visit to a dollar store. I usually only go there when I need a gift bag for a party we're actually on the way to. Why I don't buy five at a time is anyone's guess. Perhaps because I'm not organized enough. But that's another issue--one that I'm usually not thinking about when I fly into the dollar store parking lot with the present in the front seat, price tag still on it, and an un-signed birthday card under it. If I could leave the kids in the car without getting greeted by a police office upon my return, I swear I would. So, as we head into the store, I drill them: "No begging. We're not here for you. I'm just getting a gift bag and then we are LEAVING!" Not two feet into the store, and I'm hit with dueling, "Hey, look at this really cool ___." It could be a pack of colored tooth picks and they'd be begging for it. As a result, I'm tossing around the idea of saving a lot of money this Christmas by just dropping $50 on a pile of junk from the dollar store. "Wow--a neon yellow vegetable peeler. Thanks, Santa!" It's an idea.

Soon enough we'll be doing trips to the country for apple picking, pumpking picking, corn mazes. Of course, each of these trips is done separately to keep knocking weeks off the football schedule. Before we know it, it'll be Halloween, which actually falls on a football Sunday this year. THAT ought to be interesting. Me: "Mike, the kids want to go trick-or-treating. Do you want to come with us?" Mike: "What are you, CRAZY?!?" Me: "Mike, I'm going to be taking the kids trick-or-treating. Can you give out the treats to the kids that come to our door?" Mike: "What are you, CRAZY?!?" I may as well plan now to buy extra candy--as the bowl will just be left on the doorstep all day with our homey, traditional "Happy Halloween! Help yourself!" Post-it note.

Well, they're fighting over the SpongeBob video game controller. Better sign off for now....

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